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Rehandle is a London based bag company, that creates sustainable, functional, everyday necessities. We noticed that food markets across the UK send masses of plastic sacks to landfill. We source this durable, unique material, up-cycle it and give this plastic a second life. We put sustainability at the core of our process. Every Rehandle product is one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted, waterproof and weather resistant. Your trustworthy travel companion. Rehandle’s mission is to create sustainable, wearable solutions to plastic waste disposal.


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Our Beliefs.

At Rehandle we believe that change is achievable. Given the current environmental crisis, it is essential to start re-thinking the way we approach consumption, and start utilising the potential of existing materials. Currently, 79% of plastic ends up in landfill. Our up-cycled products enable you to shop ethically, consciously and sustainably. We encourage you to join our community, and be at the heart of change.



Our Material.

Our material is durable, unique, waterproof and lightweight. These vegetable sacks originally held up to 20kg each, this means the material we use is extremely strong. Every sack has its own printed visual personality, which is transformed into considered product designs. Which design suits you?


Our Process.

We are proud to have long lasting relationships with people within the market community. These Rehandler’s help us ensure that this non-recyclable material is saved from landfill, one sack at a time. They source, we collect, then back at the Rehandle hub every product is carefully crafted by our 6 hands and is completely one-of-a-kind. Our sacks carried a host of vegetables such as onion, garlic, beetroot, potato, parsnip, fennel, swede, and many more.



Our Story.

Founded by three friends, Rehandle is a community that provides one-off sustainable products fresh from the market. If you’re someone who values independent brands that provide unique and hand-crafted products, come and join the Rehandle community and let’s start the conversation.